Friday, November 23, 2012

Ireland day 4- train to Dublin

This is the day we packed our bags in Killarney and headed North to Dublin. 
It ended up being over three hours to get there, which would have been okay, but I was facing backwards. I don't usually get motion sickness, unless I am pregnant, but by the end, the train ride had lost it's luster!

Church in Killarney

The Irish countryside was beautiful!
At the Dublin train station- interesting to see scriptures quoted in a train station??
pretty station

We all hopped on a shuttle bus to the hotel- this was through the rainy window.
Happy to make it to another beautiful hotel room!

Room with a view of Dublin rooftops- pretty sweet!
I was sure to make use of the bench in the elevator...
It was lunchtime so we headed out to explore and eat something. 
Our hotel was right in downtown Dublin!

We saw more about Philip Lynott than U2- so Adam had to figure out who he was...

We met back at the hotel for a group walking tour with a guide- so this is what we saw along the way...
We laughed at this store name and then ended up buying a fox knocker for baby's room.
pretty little cemetary

Later we walked around some more- record stores and the mall. 
We laughed at this cute toy store in the mall- a janitor cart and a puddle suit- 
both things I wish we had here! :)
 Yes we were THOSE tourists in the souvenir shop,
but we got the perfect gift for our bro-in-law (and Adam's co-worker) Brian... hahaha!

the mall
Dublin sunset from our window.

Another fancy group dinner that night at the hotel.

I hardly knew what to do with all the silverware and glasses! Pretty though.
We loved face-timing the boys at night! 
We would have to wait until 11:00 PM Ireland time in order for them to be home from school. 
Sadly, we missed Linc a few times while he was napping. Plus he didn't want to talk when he was awake- little stinker.

Two things in this picture- little jeans from Zara for baby boy that I found shopping that day,
and I was totally in love with this carpet! #flooringnerd


Saimi said...

What an amazing trip!!! Wow how fun!....So are you pregnant.....???

Anonymous said...

Now I want to visit Ireland even more than I did before seeing (and reading:)) your last two posts.
And by the way, I just love your travel photos and posts!

Melissa said...

Amazing pictures, especially the ones of Adam as a leprechaun :). I guess Saratoga Springs isn't the only city with amazing sunsets :)

B and Jessica said...

You got to shop at Zara?!? Jealous! I love that you travel so much. You might be my coolest friend. And you take the coolest pictures.

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