Monday, November 26, 2012


Loving our winter sunsets!!
 This year for Thanksgiving we offered to bring some pies to Grandma's house for dinner. 
So the night before I had the boys make them!
I will make little chefs out of them yet...
 They might have bickered a little bit- they both wanted to do everything.
They loved pressing the dough in the pans, cutting the bananas and mixing the filling.

Elliott's favorite- banana cream, and Adam's favorite- coconut cream pie.
One of my favorites- cherry pie.
(We called this one bleeding heart cherry pie... oops!)
 The pie table at Grandma's.
I never even feel like eating pie except for on Thanksgiving.
I love taking a sliver of a few to give them a taste.
Linds' pie turned out to be my favorite this year in the bottom left corner-
banana toffee with oreo crust- YUM!
 The kids' table- they have so much fun together!
Will, Linc, Elli, Elliott, Benny, Ollie, Addie
Dad, Jer, Stacie, Mikey, Baby Jordan, Joy, Brooke, J.D. and Ryder.
And table #3- Adam, Brian and Linds.
We have to separate to different tables and rooms to all fit- 
not sure how we did it with 11 kids growing up!!
 The weather was so nice! I had Linds snap a picture of our little family...
I just put them all in- Linc is a little stinker for pics these days!

Linds and my Mom
 The kids LOVE running around in Grandma's huge backyard.

Best Buddies- Addie and Linc

 Have I mentioned Linc is obsessed with cats?

 Big boys playing the ipad.
Me and my momma and mini me Ollie.

Happy Thanksgiving! 
We are thankful for so much!


Lindz said...

Your pies look delicious!! :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh all those pies are making me hungry! You have such a cute family!


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