Friday, March 29, 2013

blessing day

 The day before Franky was three weeks old, Adam blessed him at church. 
He wore Adam's blessing outfit from 33 years ago!
(Elliott, Oliver and Lincoln also wore it for their blessing days.)
I love that little sweater suit- it is just perfect.

We had a lunch with family after the blessing.
I was glad everyone pitched in and brought most of the food. 
And of course everyone had to prep it for me because Franky was hungry the second we were home.
 It was a great day!

Before church.

After the meeting--- hungry and mad!!

And later- sleeping in the middle of his party.
Grandma and cousin Cooper

Aunt Christie
Aunt Linds, Grandma & Baby Coop
Cute cousins!
Ollie, Baby Finnley, Baby Coop, Benny, Lincoln, Elliott. Baby Franky, Will, Fisher & Gabby

We had a great day-- I love blessing days!


Melissa said...

What a cute family, and that blessing outfit is amazing! So cool that Adam and all of your boys wore it. How is it still so white. All of my kids baby blessing outfits have yellow stains from spitting up :(. Also, such cute pictures of Franky!!

mandi said...

Congrats on Franky! He's super cute, and you look amazing! (as usual)

Amy said...

So cute!! We can't wait to meet him!! He just looks like the sweetest little guy :)

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