Monday, June 24, 2013


A glimpse into our Saturday:
We love to put fruit and yogurt on our pancakes... are we the only ones?
Franky's go-to action if he gets excited... or bored. Maybe he'll be a loud whistler someday.
We stopped at Trader Joe's -- Adam's first time since they opened in Utah. These strawberries were the best we've ever had- so flavorful and different than what we're used to. Is it because they're organic, or TJ's?
We hiked to Ensign Peak  (pics below) for a great view of the Salt Lake Valley. On the West we could see the airport and The Great Salt Lake- it was fun! The weather was perfect too- mid 70's. 

After the hike the boys and I played at Liberty Park while Adam went to his favorite record store. (Either that or wait in the car for an hour- we've learned our lesson- ha!) Then we went to the Gateway to play in the fountains. We wanted to go to the Planetarium too, but it had closed just before we got there for a wedding...? We were bummed but got this HUGE shaved ice instead. After we ate at Chunga's- a Mexican restaurant. Such a fun day with my little family. 

Wearing Franky was so fun! We switched him facing out after a while... we only put him in this way because he was sleeping at first.


Sini said...

So lovely photos! Franky has so blue eyes, he's so cute.

B and Jessica said...

Amazing pics, Sini. And you are looking skinny.

Hey. That rhymes.

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