Tuesday, September 28, 2010

family high

I can't begin to explain the high I get when I go to the mountains with my family! It is so beautiful, quiet and peaceful. Something it seems we don't get enough of in our house. Combine that with the fresh mountain air and some nice little chats with my hubby and boys and I am a happy girl. I find myself taking lots of extra deep breaths in, to get the whole experience. It's amazing. The boys couldn't be happier either. Adam seems to like it too. And with all of his hobbies, it feels good to just have him there with us. A family hobby. I like it.

(All pictures taken at Cascade Springs and the Alpine Loop.)

My handsome boys. (Linc's face!)
Me and my sweetie pie. Before we decided where to hike, Adam had shorts on (I know, amazing right?) because it was hot that day and I had shoes and socks on (again, amazing) so I could have some stable shoes. But when we decided to go to Cascade Springs and walk around, rather than hike, I put my flip flops on and he changed back into pants. Funny.
The perfect Halloween tree. I couldn't stop taking pics of the dried out trees and branches!
Me and my boys, and their true personalities coming out!

Ollie's adventure partner- Optimus Prime.
And now I'm starting to worry that the warm, nice weather is slipping away too fast and I just want to enjoy it while I can. Hopefully after our trip, there will still be some nice days left. I'll be missing my boys and be in need some more mountain family time to refill my mommy soul. :)

For directions to Cascade Springs and a description, visit SPOL adventure here.


Melissa said...

You guys are always off on some adventure! What fun memories. I love Ollies adventure partner :).

The Nielson Family said...

Love it all! I love the mountains too--I just hope fall lasts a while longer! Although--I think we might take up cross country skiing this winter--of course, you don't need mountains for that :)

Lindz said...

What a fun family hobby!! Such pretty pics....I miss being able to go up in the canyon this time of year! Enjoy all the pretty colors!! :)

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