Wednesday, September 29, 2010

zoo rules

Here are our latest rules for going to the zoo:

#1- Never go in the summer. Spring and Fall are best and afternoons are great. This will ensure it to be less busy, perfect temps and the animals are all eating their food, which means they aren't asleep in a cave somewhere out of sight.
#2- Always ride the giant elephant.

#3- Be sure to take the nephew that ASKS to have his picture taken. (I know- what I wouldn't give...)
#4- Be sure to come face to face with the giant, beastly gorilla. This is like icing on the zoo cake, although, I was scared he would punch the window. (Why?!)
And finally #5- Always go with the cousins so your kids aren't complaining the whole time.

Here's a funny video of two little monkeys- Linc and a monkey about the size of him. All the other kids had left this window, except Linc and the monkey just jumped right onto the tiny ledge by him. It was like they were looking in a mirror. They played for a bit before we called all the other kids over to see too. It was super cute.

1 comment:

lindsey v said...

That was such a fun, eventful zoo day. :) I kept noticing that Elliott looked so cute with his hat tilted the whole time.

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