Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a (half) day in the (busy) life of lincoln noah

I came home to a sitter the other day around lunch time and this is what I found. She said she went to the bathroom and when she came out Linc was sound asleep. He has never done this in his life!! I moved him up to his crib, which is good because he needed his rest for the rest of his crazy day...

After his nap and the boys came home, we broke out the cookies. It was so nice to have Linc busy so he wasn't walking on Elliott's books while he was reading them. He climbed up these tall chairs by himself and was playing peacefully. He looks so innocent right?

Wrong. He was eating the m&m's out of the cookies and throwing them to the floor. He went through most of the pack. The ones that were still on the table were eaten too. And yes, that's a movie that was thrown down too. Darn my eyes that can't even see into the next room and the table that was (kind of) blocking my view of this disaster!

Whenever I set the table, Linc climbs in his chair and waits. But I usually set the table way before the food is ready. So I usually give him an "appetizer" or he gets the hint and gets down. Here he is ready to make a huge milk puddle and splash in it. Sorry- no photos of that.
Measuring a smooshed corn bread muffin I gave him- fresh from the oven. (He thought squishing it and dumping from one cup to the other was better than eating it.) Notice his shorts have come off from his milk escapade.

This is how Linc eats dinner. He has a hard time sitting the whole time, but is definitely getting better. He also likes to do things himself.
Yep, the shirt has come off too. He gagged on something and puked on his shirt. And mine. But you know how you get to a point in your day where you don't want to waste another shirt, so you let them be shirtless? That was him. (Not me. I did a quick change because I still had hours before bed...)
Dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba songs.
Playing on the neighbor's weird thingamajig. Come to think of it, they've got a few crazy bike/scooter/weird shaped things to play on.
Bath time! Pretty sure he learned this technique from Ollie himself... What goes around comes around.
He could stay in the bath forever and hates to get out.
Every morning and every night, he always runs away so I can't put his shirt on. Toothbrush time and into bed.
Phew! And that was just half the day! He is my little hobby. I'm glad I get to spend all day with him. He helps me to be a more patient person. All my kids do come to think of it. He likes to follow me around just like the other boys did. He copies everything I do. If I bend down to take a picture, so does he. He likes to play in my makeup, and I let him put on light purple eye shadow and use my eyelash curler. He watches me comb my hair and he does the same. He even laughs when we are laughing about something, just to be like us. He's my little sweetheart. My baby boy.


The Nielson Family said...

Wow! I need a nap just reading all of this :) He is the cutest little stinker though--and I think he's right...cookies just aren't as good once the m&ms are gone :)

ToRi and cReW said...

Thank you! I feel so much more normal now! Oh my goodness--some does feel like they never stop... but it's so fun to watch the kiddos grow and change.

Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Sounds like such a boy :). I love this post, very cute! He is such a funny boy, and so big.

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