Tuesday, May 17, 2011

baby will's blessing

gorgeous Ames & baby Will
We went to Las Vegas last weekend for Baby Will's blessing. 
The boys get to have TWO cousins named Will now- one on my side 
and one on Adam's. Both within a year of each other!
the whole swalberg family
cousins: Collin, Gabby, Elliott, Kenzie, Will, Lincoln & Oliver (5 boys, 2 girls so far!)

Linc trying to help Baby Will feel better. :)
Karen & Christie
I was dreaming of this amazing spread all weekend. Ames had it all planned out. Aren't blessing/baptism/farewell foods just the best? Everyone brings their favorite everything. Delicious!

Karen's lemon cupcakes

Tanner & Adam
We had an amazing weekend-- more pics to come!


Kenzy said...

Those lemon cupcakes look really yummy. What a cute family.

The Kohler Family said...

yum! Ok...I'm nervous for Mya's baptism now....my foods won't look near as good! :)

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