Sunday, May 22, 2011

spring storm

 We ate our pork enchiladas for dinner on a blanket in our backyard because the sun was out and it was so warm! We've learned to enjoy the weather while we can. Then about an hour later, huge clouds moved in. And then the wind started blowing. We knew something was coming.
 Crazy boys- instigated by Adam who was the first to run out there.

 Elliott was sad about the nest the hail knocked out of our tree.
 And then the gutter started flowing! We've been waiting for this for a while. 
Last week the boys were filling up a huge bucket and dumping it in there.
 Lincoln's boots were Adam's once upon a time. So cute. 

 They are still a bit too big so they made him wobbly, but he loved them.

 This is where the boys have been hanging out when they pour their buckets of water in the gutter, the drain at the end of the street. 

 I couldn't get enough pics of this little munchkin in those red boots!!

 Amazed by the rushing waterfall.
The world is a different, exciting place during/after a storm!
 Cute boys and their galoshes.

 Linc taking refuge in the shed.

 Tasting the hail.

 So Lincoln has Adam's old boots, and Elliott is wearing mine from when I was a kid. So what if they are boy boots? I'm pretty sure they were my brother's, and sisters' before they were mine. Ollie was just lucky to get some for Valentine's last year. I think I need a pair myself!

We had fun in our crazy storm!


Saimi said...

I love this post! You're making miss my little boys who are now all grown up!

We used to have fun times like this, why did it have to go so fast???

Your pictures are so adorable as are your boys!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Melissa said...

That was such a crazy storm! It looks like your guys had so much fun in it :). I love Lincolns cute smile when he was in the shed. I also love the ending pictures of the boots. Too cute!!

Lindz said...

Love the rainboots...such a cute post! And I love your sky pictures!! :)

Mama Swalz said...

Love those boots! and all those toes that go in those boots! Great pics too!

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