Monday, May 30, 2011

ollie's action shots

 We were in Vegas for Ollie's team picture, so this was my attempt. Ollie is on a 4/5 year old team, so he is one of the biggest this year since he's 5. We only knew Chase and Petey this year.
 warming up

 It's fun to see this little guy in action. His little muscles are working hard and he actually falls quite a bit because he's trying so hard to get the ball in that cluster of kids. But he always gets right back up. It's pretty much the only time we don't see tears and big loud cries. :)

 Grammy and Grandpa came to watch a few times too!

His last game was last week since we will be in Finland for next week's game! It made the season way too short. Here are some more action shots- I love them.

 taking a break

 Elliott stuffing grapes in his mouth.
Mr. Linc follows Elliott around during the games. And ventures onto the field a few times too.
high fives
Proud of my little buddy. We had lots of fun watching him this year!

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Mama Swalz said...

Ollie has the looks and moves like the pro's! Your boys are sooo cute! Don't know if we can go 2 weeks without seeing them... you better send pics!! Have a great trip!!!

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