Monday, May 9, 2011

o soccer

gatorade mustache
Ollie lives for soccer. He loves to play and never complains about practice or games. 

Or even about putting his shinguards and long socks on. (Although I might?)

And when he's not playing, he's asking to or asking when his next game is. 
He stays really focused during the games and made his first goal on Saturday. So exciting! 

He's also a good defender, getting the ball away from the other team.  

 The park he plays at has the most beautiful view of the mountains too!
 At least every few minutes Ollie has to look over to get a thumbs-up from us. He'll keep looking until we both give him one, and then he'll flash us back. I love seeing him so happy. :)

We finally got him some cleats that fit, since I thought he would fit into Elliott's. Woopsie. 
 Gooooo Ollie!

 Little brother stays busy scavenging my purse for treats and rolling down the grassy hill.


Elena said...

I love soccer at the SM fields. Such a pretty backdrop. And I love your photography.

Melissa said...

Ollie is so awesome! I so wish I had put Dawson in this year. You always get the best pictures. Way to go Ollie on you first Goal!!

Saimi said...

Those are amazing pictures!! I love the mountains in the background but most of all, I love how cute your boys are!

That little soccer player looks like a natural!

B and Jessica said...

So cute! Is he tall for his age? He seems taller than the other kids in all the pictures. I guess that would make sense considering his parents :) He seems to have an athletic build. How fun!

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