Saturday, May 28, 2011

snow cones

 The boys were excited to get their "business" up and running again for the summer. (Hopefully summer  starts soon?) After getting ready today I found the boys already outside with the folding table set up, extension cords lined up all the way from the garage, and ready to sell some snow cones! They even had the straws and cups in little containers and a jar ready for money. Funny boys! I was sad to tell them we had to go run errands, so we had to move everything into the garage while we left. When we came back it was less than hot outside, with rain threatening, so they stayed in the garage.

Elliott originally wanted to sell them for a buck, but we finally settled on 25 cents. And he was the one to come up with the 50 cent price tag for more than one flavor. A little steep, but oh well.


Mrs. Ham said...

they are so clever!!! such cute boys! i love them!

Mama Swalz said...

I have to come and get my sno cone!

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