Sunday, May 29, 2011

family room (before & after)

The look we were going for with our remodel was to be more streamlined, simple and modern. 
And less clutter. 
P.S. I was waiting for a day when my house was clean and the sun was bright and sunny like my before pics, but they never seemed to coincide. So the after pics are the brightest spot of a cloudy/rainy day. And why are they blurry? It seems I took them before I learned a few things with my camera. 

Anyhow, I give you the family room B&A's:

Family room BEFORE:
and AFTER:
Changes in the FR:
New wood floor
New baseboards
Had rug bound so we could still wrestle with the boys.
Moved leather furniture from living room and our room to be together at last!
(It's been separated since we bought it about 7 years ago.)
Sold our couches and bookcases on KSL.
Still want to replace the rickety fan someday.

We looooove all our new storage with this wall unit. We actually have a separate cupboard for our wii AND a place for our movies, toys etc. To us, this room feels a lot bigger than before.
 Adam is all about vintage and was VERY excited to put out the record player (to the right of tv and top shelf) and accompanying... other things (bottom two) that used to belong to his Granny and PopPop. After PopPop passed away and Granny was moving, she gave them to Adam.
He took the record player apart, cleaned each piece, replaced some parts and it was ready to go.

We just scavenged Adam's music room for a couple of antiques to fill the shelves up top with.

 I actually loved the plant and the picture and the little red stool/shelf we had by the sliding glass door.
But Adam didn't. 
So the red shelf now holds our printer by the computer. 
And the plant is in the living room.
Still deciding on what to do with the pic.
 This might be one of my favorite parts- a white cabinet we found in the IKEA clearance center. 
We've filled it with games and crafty things. Love it.
I will never regret getting wood floor! Forget all the bad things you hear about it- like it scratches easy and is hard to clean. It is all SO VERY WORTH IT! And it's not hard to clean. 
Although that white cabinet has some invisible-until-now fingerprints that need to be wiped!

Our entryway and banister BEFORE:
 and AFTER:
 We sort of ended our remodel in the entryway 
(or in other words-- ran out of steam.)
But we would love to paint the high, high walls someday- after we hire a painter. 
But that leads to the upstairs. 
And the moving of stuff out of the rooms. 
And we just can't seem to commit to that yet. 

Changes to the entryway:
Painted banister and railing
Replaced tile
New baseboards
 New trim around the door
 Can you see the detail on the tile? It is heaven on bare feet. And so pretty. 
It's the same tile we have in the bathrooms. 
I love it.
Kitchen is up next!


Knudson Family said...

I love the remodel in the living room. Especially the entertainment area. Also I would vote yes for the little red stool..adorable. I've been reading a finnish blog and a swedish blog...of course not really reading, boy I wish I could read finnish...but there is all sorts of lovely scandinavian design on there. (Links are on Design Mom.)

Christine Rowley said...

Looks great! I especially love the wood floor!

Emily Fotheringham said...

Very European! I love it!

B and Jessica said...

Coooool Sinny. I LOVE the wood floor with your modern white cabinets. Perfect blend. My In-law's have wood floors and my kids scratched THE CRAP out of them with all their roller toys while we lived there. So, I'm glad to hear that you love yours. And I love the entryway tile! I'm so excited to come see your house in person one day. You and Adam have such good taste. Have fun in Finland!!!!

Lindz said...

It all looks great!! I love the wood floors and your big rug in the family room! So cute! Looks like lots of work!!

Shum Girl said...

Your house looks amazing! Good job!

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