Wednesday, January 23, 2013

corona del mar beach

Adam's sister Megs lives pretty close to Disneyland at the moment (within an hour I think?) 
So they had a little beach bonfire dinner on Saturday night. 
They were so nice to get all the food, chairs, blankets and everything ready. So much work!
There were bonfires all over the beach- seems so fun!
Someone was even burning their dried out Christmas tree.

The boys went straight for the water. 
It was 7:00 PM when we got there, so it was already dark.
The boys were sad they couldn't swim, but we all put our feet in and it was CHILLY!
I wish we could have spent more time there!

Linc's sweats wouldn't stay up and were instantly soaked, so he got to wade in his boxer briefs. 
(Has to be like his older brothers already!)

sloppy joes and smores

Karen, Adam's Aunt Carma, Elliott and Ollie

Lincoln Bear
He was awake one minute and asleep the next. We put his jammies on in the car and he stayed asleep for the drive home and the night. We wore him out! 


Megan Marie said...

i love that last pic of linc! zonked! so glad we could get together!

ps. 20 mins from disney!!

Mariana said...

This looks really nice.

Kate said...

What a fun memory! Love the beach at night! Glad you had such a fun getaway before the new one comes!

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