Sunday, January 13, 2013

busy sunday

Today was just one of those Sundays.
Adam and I literally saw each other in passing and the boys were our constant at home. 
So crazy. 
Whatever happened to a relaxing Sunday??
Sadly, our Sundays might look like this for a while with ward conferences going on. 
At least I'll take a break when the baby comes...

7:00- Sini's meeting at stake center (with stake young women and young men presidencies)
9:00-12:00- Church
1:00- Adam's meeting (ward council)
3:00- Sini's YW meeting (3rd ward conference)
5:00- Adam's meeting (mission prep with the young men)

For journaling's sake:
Adam- Young Men President (3 1/2 months in)
Sini- Stake Young Women Secretary (1 year, 3 months in)

*Pictures from my attempt at a do-it-yourself Christmas card photo...
Too bad that cloud wouldn't cover the sun already! 
It would have been awesome without us all squinting into the sun or standing in a shadow.
Plus the wind puffed my dress to make me look 500 pounds. 
Oh well. We didn't end up using it so I'm putting it here. 


B and Jessica said...

I love the pictures! The blue sky and white snow are so beautiful. Great idea. And the wardrobe was perfect. Too bad the sun and wind ruined it for you...although I still love them! Ugh...and I hate Sundays. Every Saturday night I say to myself, "blah, tomorrow's Sunday" and then I feel weary and the day hasn't even begun. It's such a marathon, start to finish.

Anonymous said...

I really like the first photo. And just look Linc and his dad in that photo! Cute.
And you look beautiful! (500 pounds??)

I still think the worst thing about Sunday is knowing it's Monday the next day.

Lindz said... guys DO have busy Sundays!!! I think the pics are cute....the 1st one with Linc winking is adorable! :)

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