Wednesday, January 23, 2013

disneyland day 3

We had a special early pass to get into Disneyland on Saturday, so it was another early 7:30 AM to get out the door to wait in line. Steve and Karen had brought us some groceries- fruit, wheat thins, string cheese and carrot sticks, the night before so we ate them in line for our breakfast that morning. 
P.S. I love being pregnant in pictures... said no one ever.

Look who we ran into! 
Mickey did have something to say about Elliott's Oswald ears, but it was okay :)

We went straight for Peter Pan, which was a 30 minute wait, but then got on all the rest of the rides really fast. It was a productive couple of hours before the Saturday busy-ness caught up with us.

Dumbo ride

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Alice in Wonderland
Later that day we met up with Adam's sister- Amy and her family.
They came in from Vegas for a doctor appointment and met us at Disney too.
So fun to have cousins at Disneyland!
We went to the Little Explorer place in California Adventure.

Ollie, Kenzie, Elliott
Lincoln had the saddest frown on his face when he was an inch or two too short for this zipline ride.
He was just tall enough on most of the other rides, it was so sad!
Adam and Linc up high
Elliott and Kenzie

After the cousins played for a while we went our separate ways- we had a beach bonfire to go to later that night and Amy was planning on more Disneyland.
We had another great day and got on so many rides!
I think I was the most tired though... baby boy might be slowing me down a little now. 
Three weeks until he's here!
I wouldn't really suggest going to Disneyland so close to delivery, but it is something to look forward to and to keep your mind off the fact that you want the baby here now. 

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B and Jessica said...

Oh, this looks fun! Sini you are awesome for taking your boys to Disneyland when the baby is almost here. I liked the beach post, too. The boys all look so so happy.

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