Thursday, January 10, 2013

after christmas

 After Christmas we kept the toys out and the couches moved for the next week so the boys could come and play as they pleased. They kept asking to leave it like that for "just one more day," even though I could barely stand the mess. Good thing I've been feeling really lazy and slow lately- ha!

Ollie- 6 1/2
Here are this year's reindeer pictures- a tradition we started when Elliott was tiny.
I put the whole sequence of pics in to show how silly and fun the boys are.

Linc 3 1/2, Ollie 6 1/2, Elliott 9 

 I don't know how we'll fit another boy next year, but surely we'll find a way.

1 comment:

Lindz said...

Your boys are so darn cute together! I'm sure it makes you so happy to think of them growing old together and being best buddies!! :)

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