Tuesday, January 15, 2013

London- Day 1

Getting back to our October trip... see other posts here, here, here and here.
We flew from Dublin to London and checked in at our hotel in the afternoon. 
I've been to London twice before and stayed in the same sad hotel both times (second time was up six flights of twisty stairs, the closest bathroom was a floor down and ants in our room!), so this was really nice!
The view from our room is above.
We were also just down the street from the tube/subway, 
a grocery store and some restaurants which was really nice.
Our quaint room.

I was excited to try English fish and chips and was surprised to get the whole fish (minus head) including skin on one side. Don't get me wrong- it was alright, just bony... and skin-y... And the chips were simply (not the best) fries. 
Even though it was getting late, we decided to walk around the city and just go to places that were sort of familiar to us. Adam and I hadn't been there for 9 years and Karen and Steve had never been there before. 
shops on Picadilly 
We made our way on the tube to Picadilly Circus to the questions from Steve and Karen, "Yeah, but what IS it?" It's just a gathering spot in the city with great shopping and restaurants on the streets around it. 

See all the people back there? Everyone was just hanging out, on their phones since there was free wi-fi, and I suppose it's a great spot to meet your friends?

The fountain at Picadilly Circus.

Cool rounded buildings that go with the curve of the street.
More of the amazingly long escalators in the London Underground.
Next we went to see Big Ben!
It was really pretty all lit up.
The Parliament Building connected to Big Ben sitting on the Thames River.

crown on the lampost

Next we went to Trafalgar Square. 
My camera was flipping out with the dark and the lights.

This monument doesn't look that big until Adam climbs up on it...

We took these for the boys. 
It was freezing that night!

In Trafalgar Square is where all the British addresses and such are determined, everything in London is measured from this little spot right here. I thought it would have a huge marker or something signifying it, but we had to search and search for it. Not so impressive I guess. 

Our stop on Gloucester Road.
Riding the subway home after a long day of traveling and a cold, long walk through London.


Sini said...

Great photos Sini! I feel like visiting London again. It's so beautiful city.

rachel said...

Love all your pics from your trip, looks like you had such a great time. I love that Adam and his Mom have twinner coats... that is very cute :)

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