Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We took a mid-winter break from the Utah cold and smog and went to California!
Adam had a work conference on Thursday, so we flew in Thursday morning, and took a shuttle to a hotel right on Disneyland property. We had a catered lunch from Shaw (a flooring company) and then Adam headed off to the convention while I took the boys to the park. 
I paid Ollie $1 to sit on the row in front of us... Elliott is a little anxious to fly and always wants to sit by me, and Linc is three, so it was up to Ollie. He was so brave!
I love that the hotel is catered to little guests too... while the parents check in.

Disneyland Grand Californian lobby
Our room looked right out into California Adventure... see the big bear?
The hotel had doors right out into the park- so cool.

I was a little nervous to take the boys by myself, but they did great!
Linc turned into a stroller kid- even though he usually runs around like crazy so I can barely keep track of him. I was so glad he liked the stroller ride this trip. And the big boys didn't complain about all the walking either- it made things fun!
We went straight to the Toy Story ride and it didn't disappoint.
Ollie missed the 7-year-old ride by yourself by a month, so Elliott had to ride alone on some rides and I got to have Linc and Ollie (and let's not forget my big baby belly!) ride with me.

Bug Land- caterpillar ride.
Lady Bug boogie- one of the boys' favorite.

Bug Movie- so fun!

Haha- Linc!
We crossed over to Disneyland later in the afternoon...
Buzz Lightyear ride

Finally Adam came to meet us.
I was glad it was a slow Thursday at the parks!

Waiting in the Peter Pan line...
And Linc couldn't make the 30 minute wait and slept through the ride and a couple hours in the stroller afterward. We even prepped by watching Peter Pan before we came.

Rabbit's house from Alice in Wonderland.
Chip N Dale
Our room was cool and had a queen bed and then bunkbeds and a pull-out for the boys!
We had a fun first day!


mari said...

so fun! You are a brave lady taking your 3 boys and being almost 9 months pregnant! Mom of the year!

Mariana said...

I totally agree with Marie!!

Mariana said...

...with Mari.
Sorry! :)

Lindz said...

What a fun family trip!! You are so brave to go being so pregnant!! I love that California Adventure hotel....so cool! You guys came at the best time....the weather has been so warm!! Looks fun!! :)

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