Saturday, September 21, 2013

elliott turns 10!

Elliott turned 10 on September 8th! 
He wanted to have a minion birthday party.
It was a pretty laid back party- they had fun playing some old school games like tag and squirt guns.
And just before the party, we were trying to make purple hair for the evil minion cake and decided to rent a cotton candy machine, which turned out to be the hit of the party.
Actually the hit of the weekend because we got to keep it until Monday morning. 
He had fun playing with friends and decided that he wanted lots of time at the end to "just play".
So I wasn't worried about planning lots of things to keep them busy. 
Elliott is such a great kid. 

We had lots of fun making the Evil Minion Cake. 
It probably looks hilarious and weird if you've never see Despicable Me 2.

The two girls at the party glued the eyeballs on the cups.

Linc, Elliott, Garrett, Madison, Noah, Ethan C., Ethan S., Ellie, Oliver, Austin, Benny, Shawn

Trick sparkler candles!

Future robotitist!


B and Jessica said...

Cute cake, Sini! I love all Elliot's smiles in every picture. What a happy day for him. And I love that he has all those pictures with his Dad, showing how Adam was there holding the pinata and putting his toy together. He is so loved.

And the cotton candy machines...I know! The highlight of the party! And it's so good when it's fresh like that.

Lindz said...

What a great cake! And how fun to have a cotton candy maker....your kids always have fun birthday parties!! :)

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