Thursday, September 12, 2013

wallsburg part one

 Here are some more pictures from our trip to Wallsburg. 
We went with Adam's family to a huge ranch to stay for a week. It was amazing!
(Starting with some amazing skies off my back porch.)

We got to the giant house and found a giant bug. It was HUGE and disgusting! The boys loved it!

                                                   So many fun toys to play with!
                                             Collecting eggs in the chicken coop.

Oh- these little pups had our hearts- they were so cute. Just hanging out with the sheep all day. Learning to be sheep dogs.

You can see the big playground and the fields you could drive around on the 4-wheeler. And of course the stream/waterfall.

Adam shooting hoops on the tennis/ basketball court.

We took toad with us for the week and he got to play in the stream! We also watched him eat about ten hornets that were hanging out by the pond- it was nuts.

                                                                    Find the toad!

Bump, set, spike!
Uncle Scott and Linc.

Visiting the pups!


B and Jessica said...

This place is so dreamy!! I can see why your boys loved it. And the "beedil" they found made it the perfect trip for them.

Saimi said...

What an amazing little vacation get-away!!! So much to do, so much fun!! And of course you know I'm lovin' the horseback riding - those boys can ride with me any day!!!

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