Friday, September 13, 2013

more from the ranch

 These two little three-year-olds were always up to something. Funny little friends- Collin and Linc.
 Grammy and Grandpa stayed back with the kids so we could go on a horseback ride.
 The view of the ranch we stayed at from up on the hill.
 These kids work with the horses on the ranch and led our ride. Most of them rode without straps and/or saddles. Crazy business. I guess that's what happens when you grow up with horses?

 We had a fun ride! Horses are beautiful, amazing and powerful. I wish I could ride them more often.

 Lincoln taking a turn.

 Brothers Elliott and Linc on horses. 
Ollie is allergic, so even though he rode a little, 
he wasn't as interested in scrubbing down after every ride.
 How cute is little Linc on this big horse!

 Will and Gabby- just babies last year! So darn cute!

 We put up a potty chart for Linc while we were there on his request.
And then some prankster put up one for Adam. We were laughing so hard!
It was the last person we thought it would be too- my brother-in-law Scott! Hahaha!

 4-wheeler ride with my man!
We wore the boys' hats- weird that they are big enough!
Megs and Tanner

 The boys loved playing in the hay.

 Tomato lover like his momma!

 This was the funniest thing- watching 3-year-olds pull each other around the farm in the wagon.

 Baby Will and Ames

 Linc, Collin and Adam- one of my favorite pics!
 farm cat

 Hot chocolate every night with cousins- 
since the owner of this place is also the owner or Stephen's hot cocoa. Yum!

 This was one amazing week!
I would love to go back to a ranch again someday!


Shay said...

that looks like so much fun!! What is that ranch called?
Your family is so adventurous!!

Tisha and Mark said...

the potty chart for Adam cracked m up! Looks like he may need a little more work! What fun times!

sinika said...

Shay- this is someone's 2nd home that they put in an auction for a fundraiser. Adam's parents bid on it for the week and won! I don't think they usually rent it out though. It was in Wallsburg though.

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