Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Harvest, scouts, Las Vegas

Fresh corn from my Momma's plentiful garden.
Back to school brunch for the moms after school started and only the little ones were left.
Linc and his friends.
                                  We love our tomato plants!
                        One tomato, two tomato, three tomato, four...

Elliott's raingutter regatta race at scouts. Had to make it out of recycled things.
Elliott made his all by himself.
                                   My handsome little scout.
                    Cousin Benny got to come to the race and watch!
My mom wraps her fruit in nylons in early Spring, so the apples have these cool designs on them.
Two boys playing in a pink kitchen I got for ten bucks on a facebook yard sale page. It is real wood and so awesome so I couldn't let it go. Adam was really excited about this purchase- haha! Still planning to paint it. Still haven't done it.
Adam got to play at porchfest 2013 in Salt Lake with Rich and Javier. It was perfect cloudy weather and they did great! Then it started to pour as they were cleaning up. Phew!
                       Us with our rockin' Adam and Daddy.

I asked my mom to bring us some Finnish rye bread home- so yummy! Adam and I are obsessed.
Cousins Franky and Stella finally met when they were six months old!
They were born one week apart- Stella first as you can tell from this picture. Such cute cousins!
                              Cousins Gabby and Lincoln
                      Karen, Stella, Megs, Sini, Linc, Gabby, Christie
                Girls lunch the day before Christie had baby Grayson!
I love drives where the whole time the sky is putting on a light show for you!
This was on the way home from my mom's house.
This is 7-year-old Ollie's 'life cycle of a flower' from one of my mom's plants.

Lincoln's first day of preschool! He gets to go to my awesome next-door-neighbor Heather!
                 Scott, Christie, Gabby and their new baby Grayson!

Grammy and Grandpa with Franky and Stella- 6 months and new baby Grayson.
They will be good friends some day. Baby Kate was in Las Vegas, but was 2 months at this time.
The fab 4!
                       Elliott's leaf skeleton he found on his walk home.
Adam's vinyl obsession of the moment. "OooWeeOoo I look just like Buddy Holly!"
Ollie lost his tooth at school! The office gave him this tooth container to keep the tooth safe until he got home.
                         Sunsets are getting earlier and earlier. sigh.
                                  Grayson and giant Franky!
                      Road trip to Vegas with these cute fellas!
        Taking a carseat break while Adam searches for records in Cedar City.
           Will, Collin, Elliott, Baby Franky, Kenzie, Baby Kate, Ollie and Linc
             We love our Las Vegas cousins and wish we could see them more!
This is how I got Mr. Franky to sleep in a house full of people and rooms
full of sleeping babies already at Amy's house.
Franky and Stella doing synchronized floor routines.
                         At Kenzie's baprism with sweet baby Kate.
Brothers! Elliott always asks to hold Franky at church too. Franky loves it!
                 With cute Kenzie just before her baptism! Such a great day!
              Outside the hotel in Las Vegas with some crazy desert plants.
On Sunday morning, church didn't start until 1:00 so we went swimming when we woke up and had the pool to ourselves. So fun!
                                             My five guys!
On a Sunday drive up to Mr. Charleston in Nevada. Franky's just tasting the sticks.
                     Pretty walk in the Nevada mountains!
             30 degrees cooler than Las Vegas and yummy pine-scented air!
                          Giant cactus at the Aliente Hotel.

                                           Cactus flower.
                  "Take a picture of me by these little ones mom!"
           Love the canyon between Mesquite and St. George! Gorgeous.
   We took a snack break to get the kids out of the car across from the St. George temple. So pretty!
Driving home from Vegas in rainstorms- it was an amazing show!
                  Army guys!

                            Franky the busy baby boy!
             Princess Gabby- learning to play with boy toys at our house!

      Elliott turned 10 and wanted a minion party! We had a yellow minion pinata and an evil minion cake with cotton candy hair. So fun to make!
We used the cotton candy machine for the party and the rest of the weekend.
It was fun to make and eat! Can't wait to rent it again.
                                          Franky as a minion! 

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