Thursday, September 12, 2013

farm family vacation

 I just ran across these pictures from last year at the ranch in Wallsburg.
We went with Adam's whole family- it was so much fun!
We stayed in a HUGE house that had an elevator, movie theater, hot tub, and farm with horses, sheep and puppies, chickens and farm cats. We spent almost a week there and my boys still talk about how fun it was! It was the week before school started, so I never got these pictures up. Megs and I were both a few months pregnant with Franky and Stella then. The kids had fun riding horses in the barn arena and even got good enough to do obstacles with the horses. The adults took turns and went for a ride in the mountains. Horses are so amazing, strong and gorgeous. We loved our time there with family!
Linc and Collin with one of the farm cats.


 Elliott has a way with horses! He seemed so confident and natural riding them. He had lots of fun and always asks when we can ride horses again. 

Linc, Collin and Baby Will
 Little boy dreams being fulfilled in this picture!


 The yard had an awesome playground along with a tennis court and fire pit. So fun!
 Kenzie celebrated her 7th birthday while we were there!

 Pinata in the hot August sun.

 Little Linc was so blonde last year!

The house also had a huge playroom upstairs that included a closet full of nerf guns and ammo. 
We didn't realize until we were down the canyon that Linc still had one in his lap- oops! 
We had an amazing weekend and hope to plan another ranch vacation someday. As long as it includes a hot tub and movie theater- ha!

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Saimi said...

Ok, Now that sounds and looks like a ton of fun - right up my ally - I'm impressed with the horse riding skills of those boys at such a young age!!

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