Saturday, September 21, 2013

Franky at 7 months!

Franky boy is seven months.
He is at such a fun age!
He is one happy baby and gives everyone a smile.
He loves to take naps and go to sleep at night- I just put him in his crib with his bink and blank and he is out. 
Although in the last few days he has been humming/singing himself to sleep.
It is so sweet to listen to.
Has two little bottom teeth that are so cute.
His top gums get puffy and red and then go down again, 
but those top teeth are so close to coming through. 
He loves to watch his brothers and be held by them.
Is still a little nervous when 4-year-old Lincoln comes around, 
but we are working on being gentle and quiet. :)
Doesn't sleep very good at night still- up maybe two or three times every night.
He has started baby food and begs for anything we are drinking or eating.
He LOVES to eat!
He isn't interested in nursing during the day- he is too interested in what his brothers are doing, or the cat, or his toys, or even the couch he is feeling with his toes- haha. He will drink for a little bit and then sit up and smile at his toys over and over, until I just let him play. Maybe that's why he's up all night- he's getting his milk intake in?
I know this is my fault, but I've never been good at letting them cry it out. 
I don't mind feeding him for a few minutes I guess. And usually the first time he wakes up I am still awake.
Plus those night feedings when it's so quiet and just me and Franky in his little baby jammies and I get to feel his soft, wispy hair and warm back and diapered bum- it is heaven!
I give him so many kisses! 
And Adam and the boys give him so many kisses and hugs.
He is loved so much!
He dives out of my arms if we walk past something he wants to hold.
And while I hold him, he pushes me away and kicks his leggies and tries to get down to reach something, or he just wants to play on the ground I guess.
He has just started complaining if I leave the room for a sec.
He looooves to go outside and gets so excited and wiggly if we are walking toward the door.
And if we just happen to be walking by- he will cry because he wants to go out.
We check the garden every day and everyday he grabs some tomato leaves to taste.
He takes naps in his car seat if we are at church or running errands.
In fact, he won't go to sleep in our arms or the floor at church- just his car seat.
He loves to say, "Mom-mommm-ma-ma-mom!" 
Just recently he has started making sounds that sound like other words- it is so cute!
He still smacks his lips to make a kissing sound.
His giggle is contagious and the best sound ever.
He can turn around on his bum and scoot around a little bit.
Lots of times he goes from his bum to his tummy.
He has only looked like he is about to crawl a couple times.
He scoots in a circle on his tummy.
I finally feel okay with him sitting in the tub without his bath pad or a brother to hold him up.
And I've been letting him play for a while in the tub- he loves splashing and playing.
And pooping. That always happens in the tub these days. 
His hair is light brown, dark blonde depending on the lights.
Super long on top and the sides behind his ears and fuzzy in the back.
His eyes are so big and blue- everyone comments on his eyes.
He loves Suki the cat and loves to pet her.
Elliott always wants to hold Franky when we're out- at church, at the store, etc.
Ollie loves getting Franky out of his crib and always helps him feel better if I'm making dinner or something and he's sad.
Lincoln makes him laugh with his silly faces.
Adam grabs the baby when he gets home from work and says how sweet and cute and great he is... EVERY day. 
And I get to spend my days with Franky on my hip- my little sidekick, discovering and experiencing the world together. I talk him through things we're doing, or sometimes he does the talking. 
Every once in a while we have a quiet minute, just the two of us with no loud brothers around. 
These are some of my favorite times.
Franky is such a sweetheart and we love having him in our family!

fuzzy hair in the back!

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