Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 4- London city tour and Wicked!

On our last day in London, we took a bus tour. It was fun seeing and hearing about all the sights. We got stuck in lots of traffic, so it was pretty slow, but it was nice just sitting since the day before my pregnant feet were pretty sure we'd walked one thousand miles. (Abbey Road! Record stores! Camden Market!)
All the buildings are so pretty and old.

We stopped to get lunch and laughed at this sign, and didn't try a burger, but delicious pizza instead.

We visited the National Gallery to take in some of the world's most famous art. 
I wish we could've taken pictures inside. When we came out, it had just poured and everything was shiny and pretty.

We walked through the tiny streets and went in the cutest little shops. Again, too bad our suitcases were full because we saw some cute things for baby and the boys. 
Remember how we had traveled far to find Adam's record stores and Abbey Road?
Well, this is what I wanted to find- Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter! 
I was so excited to show the boys since we had just finished reading the whole series together for the last year.
There were no signs anywhere once we got to King's Cross Station, and I felt kind of sheepish asking the employees for directions, but they were nice and it turned out we weren't the only fans. There was a line the whole time we were there. And an audience, which was embarrassing. 

All the tube stations are different and some are really cool! This is King's Cross Station. 
We had planned to meet Karen and Steve later for dinner, like at 5:00. Then Adam just happened to see his email in a wi-fi hotspot and his parents said they had a surprise and to meet at 3:00 instead. It was already past that time, so we ran to our meeting spot. It turns out they had gotten us all tickets to the play Wicked for that night! I was so excited! We got some Indian food at a place by the theater and then watched the play. Our only plan that night was to pack for home, so this was an amazing surprise! Wicked was SO good! I kept looking at Adam with big eyes during it and said, "Is this for real???" The singers were AMAZING, the sets were SPECTACULAR and the music GREAT! Karen kept asking if I was mad or something. I was just shocked and so excited. What a great surprise right? 

They had a gummy bar- my favorite candies. You just put as many in a cup as you wants and pay for it. 

This was our stop. 
The view by our hotel- pretty.
We loved our chocolate croissants and oatmeal every morning at the Pret A Manger. This was our last breakfast before our flight home.

At the airport- I think I was around 25 weeks pregnant with Franky.
Since we were so lucky to fly first class this trip, we got to go to the secret areas of the airport I have never even known about! This is in the 1st class lounge- free food, drinks and magazines. Nice quiet atmosphere with nice furniture and wi-fi galore while you wait for your flight. A really cool place that you can only get in by showing your 1st class ticket. 
Karen and Steve lounging it up.
Leg room on the plane again. 
That's it for our trip to Ireland and London. 
It was an amazing experience and so fun traveling to see different parts of the world!


Knudson Family said...

I have loved reading about your trip there. London is near the top of my travel list.

Melissa said...

It has been fun reading about all your amazing experiences. Now I am very jealous. So glad that you had such a great time, and those are some amazing pictures. That is so cool they got you tickets to Wicked. Something else for me to be jealous about :)

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