Sunday, November 24, 2013

Franky- 9 months!

Franky is 9 months!
This month for Franky meant LOTS of drooling, because of a couple new teeth! 
He has three teeth on the top right and three on the bottom right. 
He also started crawling on the day he turned 9 months.
He has the cutest, slow, mechanical-looking baby crawl. 
He is so happy to get around on his own!
I thought he would just crawl to me fast if he wanted me and be happy, but he'll start crawling toward the kitchen and then start whimpering and then crying because it's so far to crawl for a little baby! And even if I leave him with the boys playing all around him and run upstairs or something and he needs me, he'll start crying and crawling to the kitchen, because that's where I usually am, right? Haha- so sad and funny at the same time. 
He loves to pull himself to standing on anything and everything and we need to lower his crib because I went in today and he was standing up in his bed, calling at the door for me to get him. It is so cute!
He looooooves to be held by momma and would ride on my hip all day helping me do things. 
He used to go to anyone and everyone, but is in the "All Momma" phase right now. 
Even Daddy gets the cold shoulder if I'm in the room. 
He says, "Ma ma ma" and "Da da da" sometimes and likes to make a sound like a kitty when we look at his cat picture or see Suki.
He started to dance a tiny bit this month.
He loves to go down for naps and bedtime, but doesn't want to sleep through the night. 
He nurses and goes right back to sleep but he's up a few times each night.
He only takes two 1-hour naps a day, and sometimes a third little cat nap in the late afternoon.
He usually wakes up around 7:00 and goes to sleep around 6:30 or 7:30 at night.
He loves to go outside and this cold weather is really cramping his style. 
You know how some babies won't even touch the grass? He was never one of those and loves to sit in the grass and play.
We watched his first snowfall together from his bedroom window one morning last week.
He was mostly a dream on our long drive to California this month, but had a few rough spots when he wanted a break from his carseat. Mostly I was impressed.
He loves when Elliott and Ollie hold him and play with him. 
I think 9 months is my favorite age! We are having so much fun with Franky boy!

These pictures were right after his nap and he was in a serious mood- usually he is such a happy smiley baby. I think he only smiled once in these, but I had to do it then before his shirt was soaked. He loves inspecting the leaves and tasting them. 

He got his first haircut this month because he had so much hair right behind his ears and the top was so long! He didn't love the buzzers by his ears and cried. 

This is the face Franky usually gives me when Lincoln comes near him... 
He is a smart little babe and knows his big bro is rough! 
Linc loves him so much and can't wait to "grow him" so he can play more. 

Franky loves to chase our kitty, Suki. He is so soft and gentle with her- he mostly likes to get close and look at her... and sometimes grab her tail. Today he was crying for me when I was making cookies and he stopped instantly when Suki walked by and he crawled right after her. 

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