Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lincoln's leaves

Linc is my funny little bear that spends the day helping me run errands and play with Franky. He is a funny little boy- pretty rough and tumble thanks to his big brothers. He has a sweet side too. Usually during our quiet days together he likes to do art and crafts, play Legos, play the wii and play card games and puzzles. He usually asks for a friend to come over, but I try to make him wait until the big boys come home, for my sanity, unless it's a cousin. He is always curious and loves to explain why things are the way they are- "I know how to make green, you mix yellow and blue." And, "I know how to make salad..." etc. He love to lift up Franky and is learning every day how to be gentle and kind to him. He is learning to be a good big brother. I love this little boy!

He kept saying, "Mom, take a picture of this leaf." And I kept telling him I'd take it of him holding the leaf. :)

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