Thursday, November 14, 2013

halloween 2013

 We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween. 
Everyone is getting so big and can do lots of it themselves. 
My favorite part is roasting the pumpkin seeds afterwards!

 On Halloween, Linc, Franky and I went to watch the parade at school with Linds and Will.
I dressed Franky up in our trusty old bee costume for that. Ollie, Linc and some cousins (Will and Melora I think) all wore this costume once upon a time. So cute!

 Pirate Captain Linc got to wear his costume to preschool. Those sandals really make the outfit, right? I have yet to get him to wear shoes this fall...

 He wanted a bat and skeleton painted on his cheeks earlier when I was painting the big boys' faces. 

 I got to help in Elliott's party and then we had our traditional soup before heading out to Trick-or-Treat.
We had great weather again this year!
 Ollie the mummy, (since he couldn't find his SWAT costume we had gotten for him this year!)
Franky the fox, Lincoln the pirate captain and Elliott was the Grim Reaper. I had painted both boys faces as skeletons for school since they couldn't have masks and we washed them off, but you can still see it a little.

Franky the Fox!

We had fun with Grammy and Grandpa at our house!

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Melissa said...

Looks like another great Halloween! I loved all their costumes, and that you have so many they could wear multiple that day :). Their pumpkins turned out so cute. I especially love the picture of Lincoln and Ollie sticking out their tongues with Ollies pumpkin :).

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