Monday, December 30, 2013

christmas 2013

Christmas morning the boys woke up just after 7:20 and tried waking us up. I could already hear my mom making breakfast in the kitchen- say what? Really cool. 
We almost let Franky sleep in, since he had a rough night, but he woke up on que. We read the Christmas story in the scriptures and then the boys rushed to find their stockings. It's THE BEST watching your kids open presents! 

Melora, Estacia, Elli, Addie
Later that afternoon we went to my mom's to see everyone and eat some more yummy food she made. 
Michelle's family- Mike and Michelle, Estacia, Anikka, Melora and Kai.

Ben and Elliott 

Jackie, Roy, Karissa, Trevan, Jer, Brooke and Bailey
Ben, Addie, Linds, Will, Brian and Elli
Elliott, Oliver, Sini, Franky, Lincoln and Adam
And one with Grandma!
These cute cousins were all born within15 months of each other and we have a picture with them all in their diapers together- so cute! I'll have to find it. 
Elliott spent hours putting the Millenium Falcon Legos together- it is pretty cool.

Ollie challenged himself and put a big Lego set together too- he was really proud of himself.
Franky's new toy from Grammy and Grandpa. Late nights meant one tired boy.
Linc playing the new Wii U.
Best day of the year! 


Melissa said...

Cute pics! It looks like you all had a great Christmas :)

B and Jessica said...

I'm swooning over your boys in their striped pajamas. Boys in stripes are my favorite.

Lindz said...

I is the BEST to watch your kids open presents!! :) I love how cute your boys all look in their striped jammies!! Looks like you had a great Christmas!!

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