Thursday, December 26, 2013


These long winter months inside might do me in! 
These guys could wrestle all day. When I tell them to stop, they all say, "But we're having fun!" So sometimes I just have to ignore the noise and do something else besides see them knock the pillows and lamps everywhere. I guess I can see how it is really fun... even if someone always ends up being a little too rough and someone else gets hurt. Ugh. Someone told me it never stops- the wrestling between the boys. Even when they are older and married. I can't imagine when they are Adam's size- ha!

 Mister Frank is our little sidekick- "helping" wherever we go- the dishes, laundry and dinner making being his favorite! 

 Franky is super mobile- crawling and cruising everywhere. He loves his little walker and can be found pushing it like this, from the side, or from the front like it's no big deal. 

Ollie in this pic!! Story of my life. 
Christmas jammies.
 Linc playing with one of his best buddies- Ryan. Ryan is two years older but they play really well together. After all, Linc thinks he's 10 or something. 

 A few weeks before Christmas we all got a horrible cold. Adam was working long hours and remodeling his showroom at work, so it really took it our of him. 
Elliott- ready to catch Franky if he falls!

 Lincoln has turned into colorer extraordinaire and also loves to draw with just a pencil or pen like his big brothers. I didn't think kids graduated to pen drawings until they were older. 

 Franky has just been a dream and so fun to watch this Christmas. He likes to hang out under the tree and see what there is to discover and taste. I snapped these pics just watching him one night. 


 Since Adam was working a lot, we had lots of Christmas movie nights instead of going out so much. We saw the lights at Temple Square Thanksgiving weekend, so that was fun.  

 Here's Linc discovering how the music works in a snowglobe that we broke and Elliott took apart. 


Tisha and Mark said...

Nakey Frankie under the tree! Looks like you had a great Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

Such a cute post. I love how you capture simple moments in your families life. I need to start doing that. I especially love the ones of little Franky under the tree. Those are sooo dang cute!! I just love your family :)

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