Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Salt Lake tour

We took the boys on the Front Runner train up to Salt Lake to take a tour in our own backyard- it didn't disappoint! One of the boys was nervous the train would go too fast, but they all ended up LOVING it. And it was cheaper than we thought because when you buy a group pass it is something like 4 for $15 instead of $8 each. Just FYI in case you want to ride it sometime. We brought some snacks for the train ride and sat on the second level so we could watch Utah county out the window. 
We brought scooters for the boys and Franky's stroller, which Linc shared with him off and on throughout the day. Our first stop was at Crown Burger which was right on the walk from the station to the Temple Square area. Next we visited Heber C. Kimball's grave, which was in a pretty park just off the busy roads. I was surprised there are lots of peaceful parks hidden right downtown. Ollie planned to be twins with Franky- he's always trying to match someone. Here they are on the steps by Heber C. Kimball's grave.
That park connected to this park- I think it's called City Creek. The fall leaves were in full color- it was a perfect fall day!

LDS Conference Center
We climbed up the steps as far as we could on the outside- all the way to to top of the waterfall. 
We just missed the tour though. 
Church Office Building
Elliott said this looked just like his house on Minecraft.
Another pretty park- 

Brigham Young's grave.
We also toured Brigham Young's house.

We made our way to City Creek Mall and walked through a few stores.
 I loved these vases at West Elm! The boys played by the fountains and we ate dinner in the food court.

Looking in the reflection pond at Temple Square.
Salt Lake Temple
Families are forever!
Such a beautiful sight!
We ate dinner at City Creek and made it back to the train before dark. We had SO much fun touring and walking around. I love hanging out with these guys!

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