Monday, December 30, 2013

christmas: sunday, neighbor gifts & eve

I love Christmas Sunday, or the Sunday before Christmas! It is such a beautiful sacrament meeting with all of the songs! We have some pretty talented kids in our ward, so along with the choir, some kids sang with their guitars and to the piano too, it was gorgeous. I love all the Christmas hymns.

I let the boys open a present on Saturday night with new church clothes hidden inside. As you can imagine, I was more excited than them! 

It snowed all weekend so we could be on track for a white Christmas- perfection! I like that you can see snow falling in these pictures. And I love my handsome group of boys!

Of course we had our annual picture with the reindeer like we do every Christmas. Franky was fine unless Linc touched him as you can see in the progression of pictures... Linc loves his baby brother so much, he just likes to hug and squeeze him and lift him up and carry him, even if he is content and playing with toys. Hopefully Linc will still love playing with Franky when he can finally play like a big boy?

Franky- 10 months
Linc- 4.5 years
Ollie- 7.5 years
Elliott- 10 years

"Christmas Robot"
We borrowed our friend's elf costume to deliver our neighbor gifts- people ate it up and thought it was funny. I mostly stayed on the sidewalk with the stroller since it was four-wheeling in the snow up to doors. I would yell, "Merry Christmas!" from the sidewalk, and some of the people heard me. But all of them saw Adam and laughed. He's a keeper, that one. 

On Christmas Eve we went to Grammy and Grandpa's for dinner. My mom came with us since she was spending the night with us. 
Here's Grammy giving the boys Christmas pj's. 

Grandma and Franky
Gabby's cousin from the other side of the family came too.

Grandma and the boys in their jammies.
We stopped by this giant tree on our way home from Grammy's. It was a real tree and so tall! It smelled really good too. 
Me and my Momma
It was so nice having my mom help wrap presents on Christmas Eve. I loved talking all night with her and just having her here! Elliott gave up his bed so Grandma could sleep in his big bed and he was trying so hard to go to sleep fast.  

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Melissa said...

I love the idea of a present on Christmas Sunday with new church clothes. Such a great idea! You have such a cute family. I just love looking at your blog :)

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