Thursday, December 26, 2013

Franky- 10 months

Franky boy is 10 months! 
This is my favorite age- everything he does is so cute and fun!
He still loves taking naps and going to bed at night.
He has finally started sleeping better through the night the last few weeks- yay!
He loves his binky and blankie and if he sees his blankie he'll crawl to get it and snuggle with it. 
He likes to rub the blanket corner lightly on his cheek while he nurses or when he's falling asleep.
He can pull himself to standing like a pro now and cruises around the furniture and walls.
He makes a walker out of everything, pushing boxes, laundry baskets, garbage cans, pots and toys. It's pretty funny.  
He crawls really fast and efficiently.
He squeals when he sees an animal (live or picture) and also squeals when he sees his brothers. 
He smiles and reaches out for Daddy when he comes home, and then likes to come right back to mama's arms and smile at Daddy. 
Starting to say things that sound like words- his own little language.
I'm pretty sure he can say "Hi" and of course Momma and Dada.
He eats lots of food! He likes anything we eat and still eats his baby food pouches.
He has mastered the art of crawling with a toy in his hand, or pushing it along in front of him. 
He has seven teeth with one coming any day. 
He loooves to play with his toys in his room and wiggles from my arms every morning when I get him from his crib so he can play with them.
He loves to play in our toy kitchen, mostly by opening and closing all the cupboards and taking out all the dishes and food. 
He is a master of evasion and tries his best to roll away during every diaper change-- he's getting strong! 
He loves to copy us by sticking out his tongue, clicking his tongue, giving little growls with a smile, and shaking his head back and forth.
His chunky thighs and soft cheeks are to die for.  

I feel overwhelmed with LOVE so many times during the day with my little Franky! 
I give him so many kisses and tell him how much I love him all the time. 
So does Daddy and his big brothers!
He is one dreamy baby boy and we feel so lucky to have him!

Blurry photo, but this is who he was giving his HUGE smiles to... :)

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