Tuesday, December 17, 2013

girls weekend 2013

 I spent our annual girls weekend in Midway last weekend. This time we had a few special baby visitors- Jill's 7 month old, Ava, and my almost 10 month old Franky. They were both little angels and we still shopped to our hearts' content. And it helps that there were 5 moms around helping me and Jill with the babies all the time. We were sad Tam couldn't come because of sickness! It wasn't the same without her for sure. We made it Thursday through Sunday this time and loooved having the extra day. It snowed all day Saturday, but we still braved the 30 minute drive around the mountain to Park City to shop. And then cozied up Sat night to watch movies, talk and teach Jill and Ange how to use their new (and first!!) smart phones. Instagram anyone?? So fun. I just love these girls and love to be around them!
 Baby Ava is sooo tiny and cute! She only weighs like 11 or 13 pounds- just teensy!
 Franky's bear paw next to Ava's tiny racoon paw- the picture doesn't show how tiny hers is.
 Beautiful Ange and Linds!
 Sweet babies and Franky with his very first pair of vans.

 Steph and Jilly.

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B and Jessica said...

You guys are all so cute! And Jill's baby...oh my goodness she is adorable! Looks like so much fun.I'm glad you have these ladies as life-long friends.

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