Wednesday, January 21, 2015

annual reindeer photos 2014

 Elliott has been sitting on this every year since he was a baby. Will I still make him sit on it when he's a giant 16 year old? Probably. Some traditions are funny. I don't know how we got this one started, it just happened. I need to do some repairs on this poor deer since the boys wrestle with it too. His nose and antlers are about to fall off.
 Elliott- 11 years old

 Ollie- 8 years old

Lincoln- 5 years

 Franky- 22 months old

 Cute boys in their Sunday best!
 The promise of a silly picture at the end is always so enticing- silly guys.

Here's the link to the pictures from 2013 to compare how much they've grown!

These are just random pictures from that same day- the boys were building forts with some extra matresses we had in the basement. 

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