Friday, January 9, 2015

christmas tree hunt

I dream about this bloggy blog all the time- like day-dreaming dreams. I love to post pictures and talk about my little family doings and print them off in books. It is crazy to me that I have let so much time go by, even when I think about this a lot. So. I have a lot to catch up on. Like lots. And I guess I can start here- on our Christmas tree hunt!

Elliott had the great idea to go to our favorite lot the day BEFORE Thanksgiving instead of after, so we could have the best pick of trees. The family that runs the lot (Ault Christmas Trees) were unloading the trees as we were scoping them out. Of course we found our best tree yet, and it was warm! Well, not shorts warm, like the boys are wearing here, but, we hardly had to bundle. 

By the way, I finally had to put away (HIDE) the boys shorts so they would wear pants this winter! Crazy boys. I sure love to be warm. And it makes me warm when my boysies are warm too. 
My little lovey. Franky is so fun to take everywhere. He LOVES to ride in the car. And wear his coat and shoes. Adam and I still let him come on dates with us sometimes because he is just so pleasant. We love our Franky boy. 

Here I am holding up the tree we picked out. It is always sad to take it down after the holidays- I think it is so beautiful. And I want to get family pictures in this lot someday. I've also been thinking about this idea for years, so look for it in the next year or two... ha. 

Franky is definitely a momma's boy sometimes. :)

I love this tradition with my family!

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Saimi said...

I love watching your family grow and all the fun things you guys do! Franky has captured my heart, what a little cutie pie!

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