Tuesday, January 20, 2015

thanksgiving 2014

 Thanksgiving this year started off with an intense workout with my friend Katie- spin, then aerobics called Body Attack. It was so fun! I like the idea of starting this day off with some exercise. Last year  our whole family (Adam's sisters' families and Linds too) ran the Pilgrim 5K at Thanksgiving Point and wore funny pilgrim shirts and hats. Anyway- Katie is a fun workout buddy- she is one strong girl!
After naps, we went to Karen and Steve's for dinner. I had Christie snap these of our family really quick. 
 Elliott, Adam, Lincoln, Sini, Franky & Ollie
 Christie's cute fam- Scott, Grayson, Gabby & Christie

 Karen and Christie
 Franky is always excited for dinner!

 Yummy pies. I bought three from Kneaders this year instead of making them- they were delicious!
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for so many blessings!

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