Tuesday, January 20, 2015

countdown to Christmas 2014

 I can't believe this truck has made it through four boys! It helps that we've kept it as an inside toy I guess. They've all loved it. 
 We didn't go to a  million places, just mostly stayed home playing around our Christmas tree and watching movies. 

 Franky's hair grows so fast and he hates haircuts-- he screams the whole time! It tends to get really long before I feel brave enough to take him for haircuts. But he sure loves his fuzzy little fox. We bought this in London for him when I was pregnant. 

 The boys had their school Christmas sing-in. I love to see them sing! Ollie is standing next to his buddy, Parker, who is Elliott's best bud's little brother. 

 Cousin Addie! 
 Elliott standing next to Austin. 

 Cool Santa.

 Cousin Benny!
 Linc was singing and telling me about his songs for weeks beforehand. Cute little singer!

 Next up was Grammy's annual Santa dinner, when a special visitor drops by...

 Cute cousin Gabby (almost 4 years old.)

 Cute crew watching Santa.

 Franky (22 mo) was really quiet with Santa, and was very happy about the candy cane, even though he hates minty ones. He loved to talk about Santa and his "hat" and loved to say, "Ho, ho, ho!"

 Showing Santa the star on the tree.
 Linc (5) asked for Legos.

 Man, he is such a sweet little thing when he wants to be!

 Mr. Grayson (15 mo) wasn't a fan!
Elliott (11) asked for a big Lego set- the Sand Crawler from Star Wars.

 Santa asked Elliott if he had been keeping his room clean... ha!
 Ollie (8) asked for Pokeman cards and Legos.

 Adam got chosen to be Rudolph this year and really went to town.

 Miss Stella (22 mo)

 Scott, Gray, Gabby & Christie
 Linc was excited to open his gift-- pajamas!
 Cute little family!

The rest of these are iPhone pics- not the best quality, but every day life for sure!
 Franky, helping me Christmas shop a little. Except for the little things, Adam and I mostly got the shopping done in one day- online and a date night out.
 This is Franky on a lunch date out with Adam and me. He is such a pleasant little babe, that we love taking him places. 
 He wasn't sure about the Walmart Santa...
 I broke out my old stamp sets to keep the boys busy... I knew I'd been keeping them for something.
 Fun sweater contest at our ward Christmas party. 
 My friend made this backdrop our of old pallets for pictures- so darn cute!
I've since learned a technique to make your wood look like this without the hassle of pulling apart pallets! (Soak a stainless steel scrubber in vinegar overnight and brush it on wood outside.)
 My cute boys after the Christmas church service.
 We took a visit to the dino museum...
 The picture above made us all laugh so hard!

 Franky is looking a little too big in these pictures for my liking! Stay little buddy!

 Visiting the reindeer.

 Linds convinced me to make this light sign- which I love- but it was a lot of work!

 We spent many nights watching our neighbor's light show. They are awesome.

Our carpool crew- you'd never guess who is who's age!
Elliott-11, Dawson-8, Ryan-8, Shawn-11, Ollie-8, Linc-5
Ryan is Linc's favorite friend, and Elliott and Shawn are in the same class. 
They really just all play together.

Our little elf, Cornelius feasting on marshmallows.
 These are out of order, but when Santa arrived at Grammy's, Stella and Gray started screaming- haha.
 Stella and Franky- cute cousins.
 Linc makes Franky's crib look tiny!
 Some macro shots of frost.

At our annual "Crappy Shasta" party. Rich always does the penny auction. It was fun to see where Ben and Val live in Heber- their house is so pretty inside!!

 Rich and Adam before Rich left to live and work in Dubai for a few years.
 Adam, Ben, Rich and Collin

 I helped Elliott's class make these light jars for their class party, and we made them again at the crappy shasta party and at my family party. Fun!
 More Adam as Rudolph. :)

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