Friday, January 9, 2015

family christmas party

We had the family Christmas party the Monday before Christmas this year. It was really strange not having my mom there, hustling and bustling and cooking and stuff. My mom woke up at 4 AM in Finland and face-timed us while everyone was here, so that was fun! Things that were different this year since my mom lives in Finland- instead of reading the nativity in the scriptures and acting it out, we watched a video the church put out about the nativity and how we can apply it in our lives. It made me cry it was so beautiful. Also, instead of ham and yummy sides, we had Indian food- Basmati rice and coconut curry, with roast chicken and naan. I think some people were nervous about the menu, but it is one of our favorites! We had games and a penny auction too. It was fun hanging out with my family!
Crazy face pic for the kids. 
We had our first family penny auction. Adam did a pretty good job auctioning- learning how from watching his friend, Rich at our friend party every year. Each kid gets ten pennies and gets to bid on as many presents as they can. I think the kids had fun with it! 

Eric and Tagen had some fun games planned for the kids- the "candy bar game" was a hit for sure. It was so fun talking to all my cute nieces and nephews! They are awesome. 

Next up- minute to win it games. Lots of fun!

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