Sunday, December 12, 2010


The other day as Linds and I were chatting away and looking at trip photos, the two best buddies (Ollie and Addie) were busy making soap masterpieces in her shower.
Who thinks of these things? Oh yeah- Ollie.

More Ollie Funnies:

Ollie- You should start calling Linc Ollie.
Sini- Then what would I call you?
O- Lincoln
S- Don't you like your name?
O- No, it's a girl name.
S- There are no girls named Oliver or Ollie.
O- Uh huh, in the desert there are!

Go look in your booktionary!

We have to wear our seatbelts all the time. Even in Florida. But not in the motor van. (Grandpa's motorhome. And Ollie only went to Florida when he was a baby...)

Can we get some pinealoupe?

Ollie- Which name should we name Lincoln when he gets bigger?
Sini- He'll always be Lincoln.
Ollie- But that's the name I wanted!

We were looking for Elliott's preschool video and Ollie said, "Just look for one that says 'Elliott's preschool video dot com.' "

We were talking about eggs and Ollie said, "but we can't eat the yucks."
(We can eat the yolks, so who knows where that came from?)

I need you to be an AMINAL!

Do you think hail could damage a sign?
(What four-year-old says damage?)

We're picking dandylands. (dandelions)

Ollie- What are orange peels made from?
Sini- That's all they are- orange peels.
Ollie- No, I know mommy, orange peels are made from broccoli.

Ollie said, "Mommy, how come that sign is saying, "hi...hi...hi." ?
(Pointing at a red flashing don't walk sign.)

Ollie has been making us laugh since he could talk. And he was talking in sentences by the time he was two so we had to take his binky away... But it's not only that- he's as quick as a fox! The other day Linds winked at him and in a split second he winked right back...


Saimi said...

Thanks for the morning laugh!! I love conversations like that and it's good your writing them down. It will be fun for them to read these later on!

OK so about the name....You're killing me. I was named after my Grandmother Saimi Ingree Salmi who was a Fin. I guess in Finland the name is quite common, as for here in the states, It's pretty original. It's pronounced (Sigh me)

Well girl, I'm gonna have to follow your cute family blog here, hope you don't mind!

The Nielson Family said...

What a cutie! I love what little kids say--and so glad you're sharing them with us! :)

Christine Rowley said...

So funny and cute!

Dag said...

Oliver is hilarious! Love the kid humor, it's my favorite. It's been awhile since I visited your blog, I might just need to come here and listen to music instead of logging into Pandora! Great tunes!

Melissa said...

We love Ollie... he is such a funny guy!! You are so smart to document all the funny things he says. This post really made me laugh :)

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