Saturday, December 4, 2010

real camels

We visited an AMAZING live nativity tonight. Read about it here.


Tisha and Mark said...

Love Linc's face in this one! We need to do a winter adventure some time! It has been too long! Hope things are well. PS- will you send me your address on facebook :)

mandi said...

Sinika -

I comment a lot on your blog, but just in my head. I'll try to summarize them:

I love your ideas of places to go and things to do! I often copy them. We're totally going to this Nativity now. I would not have known about it otherwise. We went to Cascade Springs this fall because of you. You're an awesome knower of fun places. Thanks for that!

I was super jealous of your trip to Europe - it looked so amazing! But all of your pictures and descriptions made me feel like I was there! Thanks for that, too. I also got jealous of how pretty and cutely dressed you always are. It has lowered my self-esteem considerably. I'm not thanking you for that. j/k

Your kids are so cute! Lincoln's faces and the things he does always make me laugh. Your hamster adventure made me laugh.

In conclusion, you are awesome and I like your blog!


rachel said...

I am so happy I can bring you all together... you can thank me later. Next time I am in town we are all going to lunch ... and mandi better bring sugerbritches or I am going to be mad!

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