Tuesday, December 28, 2010


That Linc is such a helper. Since he doesn't talk (in English) yet, a lot of times I hear a commotion, like a "getting your attention noise" something like "Blah gook lah Maam!" And I look over to see he's done his business and needs a lil' change and is ready for me with all the fixin's and ready to go. I think it's cool and I'm so proud.
This made me laugh! (Until he fell off. :( ) He loves talking on the phone, AND pretty sure he knows Chinese, or Finnish, one of the two. (He's not even TWO yet! I know- genius.) The pediatrician said to make everything about words, so I'll say, "Linc, say CAT," and he'll look really determined and say "BLAZUH" or something completely off. :)

He loves to help me make dinner every night, and I've even set him to task emptying the dishwasher to keep him busy. And he's pretty good at it. (If good means putting all the silverware in the big spoon slot. Hey- it still makes my job easier...)
He's always willing to help anyone finish their food. First his, then it's on to my lap or Daddy's. And when his brothers leave their plates, it's only a matter of time before he's there eating their leftovers.

He's always in such a hurry that it's hard for him to sit down, he could stand up for every meal and be more than happy.And I just threw this one in because all the boys are happy and together. (Happy meals will do that to a kid.) He's got two little boy teachers showing him how to be. Ollie watches out for him and interprets what Linc is trying to tell me, "He wants his binky Mom." And Elliott saves him from going in the street and holds his hand in parking lots. Good thing their good boys. I'll think he'll be just fine... and I'm glad he's my little helper for now.

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rachel said...

that face is just so adorable!!

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