Saturday, December 11, 2010

ugly sweaters

It was my brother, Eric's birthday today! He had an ugly sweater party that made me laugh! I love Tagen's double holiday pow with the sweater AND the vest... and Erkki's sweater was just harrible! Apparently is was too big, so he washed and dried it just before the party and it shrunk!! So funny and SO short!
Thank goodness Linds and I visited a store with a whole funny shirt section yesterday. (I couldn't keep my eyes off the poinsettias.) Adam just had to dig in his closet. Remember this?
Sad that Lindsey's shirt glitter and shine didn't show up in the photo. So festive.
Mary Jo, Jami and Tagen. Can you say "EMBELLISH?"

Even their two cats wore sweaters!
Their gingerbread house was so detailed- love that figure 8 and the ice skating marks.
Happy 35th Erkki! I can't believe we're getting so old. And don't you love the sweater on the cake?


Saimi said...

Totally cracking up at the sweaters!!
Ugly sweater parties are the best, because you don't have to worry about what to wear!

So I just had to stop by, I saw your name on Cheeseboy's blog and said, hey someone with a different name like me!

Then I found out, you're a mom of three boys just like me, but mine are all grown!

Tisha and Mark said...

Ok, have to be honest but you guys don't look UGLY enough!! We all know Adam would wear that sweater on a normal day ;)

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