Monday, September 12, 2011

swiss days

big brothers helping little bro stay out of the road
 Every year we head up to Midway for Swiss Days! 
We love it up there- who wouldn't? 

I finally took the boys to the parade on Saturday morning 
while Adam and Steve went for a motorcycle ride.
We liked it but it was so long, we left halfway through.
The boys just wanted to fill up their baggies with parade candy and were good.

I took them through the booths for a minute and they 
of course came out with swords someone was selling.

And we got a caramel apple to share.

Later I went back with Karen and Christie to do some real shopping.
Mostly I just like to see everything. People are so creative!

Other weekend activities included going to our favorite Mexican restaurant (Tarahumara), visiting the packed Midway Stake Center and hearing Elder Russell M. Nelson speak, spending Sunday afternoon fishing at Wasatch Mtn State Park, playing by the stream and riding scooters at the condo. 

Steve and Adam- more pics from their ride later.

We got to follow Adam home on his motorcycle... the boys loved it.


mari said...

one of the best weekends of the year! Best shopping, best views, and best food! Got to love the best city ever too!

The Kohler Family said...

Yay for Swiss Days!! :)

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