Friday, September 9, 2011

Elliott's 8th

Elliott turned 8 yesterday!
He had a Harry Potter birthday party, since we've been reading the 
books all summer- we just finished the third one a few days ago. 

 Adam gave him the whole Harry Potter movie set since there are no video stores left... 
He would just stare at these all day and rearrange them and stare some more. 
 When the kids got here I sent them to the back to mingle and snack on jelly beans, gummy worms and gummy tarantulas. They LOVED it. I think I'll do this for every kid party from now on.
 Waiting for the kids to come. 
 We decorated two wands- a plastic one with glow-in-the-dark stickers,
and a pretzel wand that they could dip in carmel, chocolate and put sprinkles on.

Elliott helped me spray paint "dragon eggs" to put in their sacks filled with little creatures.

 The balloon game.

 The kids all huddled in close to block the wind while I lit the candles.

 Trick candles that kept re-lighting!

 Jacob, Ethan, Madison, Elliott, Noah, Annika, Oliver, Jaxon, Aiden, Benny & Elli. 
The other Ellie didn't want to be in the pic and Freddy left early.

 Then the present Elliott has been talking about for months- a new bike!
 I wish I could say the kids were all oogling the bike, 
but they were watching the remote control bug his cousins gave him. 
 Pinata time!
 Elliott asked to go first, so the kids were all lined up 
ready to go and he broke it open with the first hit!

 Starting on his legos.
 Linds made this cute potions kit for him. Fun!

Afterwards I made him chicken noodle soup by request. 
But he just likes the noodle part. 
And I even let him eat them with his fingers.

Happy 8th birthday Elliott!


Marci said...

Jacob had a great time. That potion kit from your sister is adorable!

Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

I didn't know he turned 8 already! When is he getting baptized? That's so exciting Sinika!

B and Jessica said...

I like how you kept all the mess and the kids outside. :) Very good planning. And the cake is so cute! And Linds did such a good job on the potion kit. What a good idea.

Mrs. Ham said...

cutest paaaarty ever! i love that he ate the noodles with his fingers. haha. cute big bike for a big boy. he's looking so old. sad and happy at the same time. linds present was super cute too! and i love the wands.

i could totally pic E staring at the movies and rearranging them all day. funny boy!

Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday Elliott! Cute party Sinika :)

rachel said...

so cute! Happy Birthday Elliot! What a great idea for a party! Funny Brady got an orange bike for his 8th birthday too! Great minds think alike! Miss you!

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