Friday, September 30, 2011

furry friend

 Last week the boys found a vole stuck in our windowwell... yikes!
They caught it in a bucket and watched it play, and (gulp) even fed it some pears and crackers.
A vole is a mix between a mole and a mouse- so it digs tunnels in your grass and flowerbeds.
It has a shorter tail than a mouse. We have them around here since we are surrounded by fields.

 It was actually cuter than I thought. 
Usually we see them after Suki the cat has gotten them and proudly left them on our porch to show us.

 My idea was to let Suki out to play...
The boys were not into that idea and wanted to let him free.
 So for family night, we took a drive down the road to the closest field and let him loose. 

cool plant in the field

We topped off the night with frozen yogurt... seems like everyone was there.
I hope the little vole is running free and happy- away from our yard.


Mrs. Ham said...

for one i have never seen or heard of a vole before... and two, it's the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!

can't wait to see the boys soon! E's BIG day is so soon!

Mama Swalz said...

I always wondered what a vole looked like! Cute little suckers!!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

oh that makes me happy that you set him free! last time i saw one....scottie got lemons and sat her in front of him and she ran he smacked it with a shovel :-( i still feel bad!

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