Thursday, September 15, 2011

harvest at grandma's

My mom's yard in the fall is amazing... so different from it's spring beauty. 
The other day, me and the little boys stopped by (which we don't do enough!)
I had fun taking pictures!
I now know what an amazing yard I was able to grow up in!
These guys could stay out there all day playing, discovering and eating from the garden.

My boys love all the flowerbed ornaments... 
zinnias- one of my faves!

My mom has a new next-door neighbor who swears by "bagging" your fruit instead of spraying them for worms. So far so good, but it looks so funny! I think she did something like 600 of these!

visitng the horse

purple gooseberry
Everyone who knows my mom has seen her like this- 
picking tomatoes for whoever will take them. 
I love that she is so giving of her garden when it takes so. much. work!
I always leave her house with bags of vegetables and fruits!

green bell peppers
red chili peppers- I think?

I thought this was dill until I smelled it and it
smells exactly like black licorice!
My mom the Finn planting licorice plants.
the giant tomato section
garden adventurers

finding raspberries

My mom insisted on getting the shovel to make a classic picture- so funny.
We used to play on these swing for HOURS every day.
We had some fun games- pretending we were acrobats and the grass was people far below.
We would jump out going really high, and see who could flip our shoes the furthest.
And we would climb up the side bars to see the bird nests inside and do cherry bomb flips off the top.
Ahh the good ol' days. 

These are the plants that have to be wheeled into the garage when it gets cold...
I think there's a fig plant, a pomegranate plant and a lemon plant.

the kitty- Vega
Linc likes her because she doesn't run away from him like our kitty.

You know how people give you plants and you set them on your table until they die and then you throw them away? Well these were a gift to my mom from my stepsister Jackie, and she hangs them outside all summer and puts them in the garage all winter while they're sleeping. She's amazing!

They've planted grapevines along their chain-link fence to make a beautiful (and delicious) privacy wall.
I'm trying to think if I've ever seen my mom and dad on these swings... I don't think I have!

picking grapes

purple grapes

An inside perk the kids love- the candy shelf! Bowls stocked with treats.
giant hibiscus flower- so pretty
hibiscus bud

All that exploring even contributed to Ollie's rare nap!


Melissa said...

That is an amazing yard!! Such fun times for you and your kids. It makes me want to go explore :).

The Kohler Family said...

Wow! I am loving that yard! How fun and your mom looks like an expert gardener...Hopefully I can be that good one day. :)

rachel said...

I want to go to your Mom's house!! I love the picture of your parents swinging.. classic! You should frame that! I see where you get your gardening skills!

B and Jessica said...

Edmond liked the worms and the spider web. I liked seeing your parents again. They are so awesome. I love the shovel picture of them. You need to frame that and have it be the "grandparent" picture in your home.

Elisabeth said...

Her yard is heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Ham said...

her garden in so wonderful! gail and i bagged her grapes because birds were eating them. we only did like 20 but it was pretty time consuming. i can only imagine what your mom did!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

your mom makes me want to develop a green thumb! She is amazing! how lucky are you! so fun!

Mama Swalz said...

I love your Mom- she's so cute! Beautiful garden too!

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