Sunday, September 25, 2011

boys first concert

 We were excited to take the boys to see The Flaming Lips last week, since we know they always put on quite a show. The boys really like one of their albums too, although they didn't get to hear very many songs they knew. 

Anyway- as you can see there were lots of fun things to watch during the show. They had confetti cannons and giant balloons- some filled with confetti. They also handed out lasers... the boys were all about that. Then Wayne would hold things up- like a mirror, and everyone would shine their lasers on it for a cool effect. And let's not forget the giant hands shooting lasers on the mirror ball! It was a fun show!
the flaming lips- be kind to animals

Oliver on Adam's shoulders

Linds, Elliott and I hung out on the sidelines...

Elliott got a little tired at the end of the show because 
it was late, but Ollie was still dancing and having fun.

The next morning they were asking me when the next concert is.
And they said their favorite concerts so far are, The Flaming Lips and 
The Beatles (since we went with Adam's parents to a Beatles cover 
band and they knew all the songs.)

Too bad all the shows aren't this fun and are usually in boring clubs where they aren't allowed.

And- isn't it funny how some kids know all the sports guys when they're little, just like their 
dads and they tour all the famous sports fields and live for things like that... which is great!

It's almost inevitable that my boys will make music a big part of their lives. 
I've mentioned before that Adam's brain is at least 80% music and or music gear all the time right?

It's amazing how much influence a dad can have on his family. 


Scott & Christie Lamb said...

how neat!! i bet they loved it and they will have the most distinct taste in music thanks to dad and you!

Tammy said...

This is awesome.

Mrs. Ham said...

i love that they went to that! i took tanner to his first concert. so sad. haha! you guys were there, coldplay. glad the boys are getting an early start!

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