Tuesday, September 27, 2011

see how our garden grows

 Our little tiny garden has produced the perfect amount this year!
The boys love  collecting the cherry tomatoes every couple of days.
 We even had one cucumber plant make it! 
We especially love the baby cucumbers- they are so cute.
We let them get big before we pick them though.

 I tried all different sections of our flowerbeds this year since our garden spot is now covered by shade. This tomato plant grew right next to our blue atlas cedar tree and it's taller than me!
It gives us a few tomatoes every day too. It makes me happy!

 We planted all different kinds of pumpkins this year.
I used a trellis for the jack be little pumpkins and just let them grow up it, just twisting the vines behind it every few days. Such a space saver! I've heard you could even do this with bigger pumpkins.
Cherry tomato on the side of the house.
We bought it from the neighbor girls for $2 in the spring.
There is a bush in the middle and then the pumpkins on the 
trellis are right next to that... takes up hardly any flowerbed space.
Next year when you see the little packet of pumpkin seeds- think of the trellis!

Gardening is such a calming ritual for me and the boys everyday.  
I am so thankful for this beautiful world!

1 comment:

Saimi said...

I love how your garden grows! I kick myself for not growing one this year but thankfully we've been reaping the benefits of our friends gardens!

Good job mom!

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